Policies & Procedures

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Overnight pet sitting (your home or ours)
  • Drop-in visits (20 or 40 minutes), for as-needed pet care.
  • Overnight sitting rates are for a 24-hour time period, or a single night (see our “Rates” page for more information).
  • All our rates are all-inclusive, and will be finalized either at the complimentary Meet & Greet, or when confirming a booking.
  • We always text to confirm our arrival, and are happy to send as many texts and pictures as you would like.
  • When our sitters are visiting your home (**especially when they are staying overnight in your home**) home owners are responsible for the following:

    – Providing a key at the Meet and Greet visit. We appreciate garage and door codes, but we require a tangible form of access if we will be staying overnight.
    – Advising sitters if there are cameras present, and of their relative locations.
    – Agreeing to our cancellation policies (see “Cancellations,” below) at the time of a booking.
    – Establishing and maintaining all interior and exterior structures to ensure the safety of your pets in your home (i.e. – sitters are not responsible for “dog or cat proofing” homes).
    – Ensuring that your animals have safe and accurate identification on them
    **at all times.** We are extremely proactive, and recommend identifying your animals, as well as clearly marking your home with “pet identifiers” in case of emergency.
    – Advising sitters who else has access to the home.
    – Alerting sitters to anyone who will be entering the home or grounds while sitter is staying on the premesis (lawn care, friends, maintenance, etc). **If someone else in the home or on the grounds during the sitter’s stay may present a hazard to the pet(s) or sitter (miscommunications can lead to overfeeding/overtreating pets, mismanagement of medications, gates and doors being left unsecure, chemicals or tools left in the open, etc.), we may respectfully ask that you reschedule such visits, or we reserve the right to decline to service.**
    – We strongly recommend that you advise your local vet and preferred emergency vet of any overnight travel. We are happy to furnish vets with our contact information. **In the event of longer overnight travel, or if your pet has any medical concerns, we also strongly recommend leaving contact instructions and/or a signed responsibility form, and a method of payment on file with your vets. In the event of dire emergency, our sitters will use their best judgement with the main goal of helping your pet(s).
    (Our sitters will of course attempt to contact you; if time is of the essence, pet health will take priority.)
    – Giving our sitters a WiFi password so they can maintain contact with you.


  • We are a small business, and treat everyone individually – we specialize in catering to your specific needs.
  • Due to our high level of personalization, and the amount of time we spend with every client and animal, we kindly request the following:
  • Please contact us to make a “booking.”
    **Bookings are firm – dates and/or times belong exclusively to you, and we will gladly attempt to make whatever specifications you request. Bookings are subject to cancellation policies.**
  • If you have questions, please specify that you are making an “Inquiry.”
    **During an “Inquiry,” we are happy to give you information about our availability or services, but we are unable to hold dates or times, or make specific arrangements.**
  • We appreciate your courtesy in booking in advance (especially for holidays), as we do fill up so far ahead of time.
  • However, we understand that life is unpredictable, and will endeavor to accommodate any last minute requests we receive … with this in mind, please see our “Rates” page for any additional fees we may need to charge for last-minute bookings.
  • Bookings cannot be made through the website – ONLY by contacting Dorri Friedman-Allem directly.
  • Overnight bookings are scheduled for a default arrival at 12 or 1 PM; departures are scheduled for 11 AM or 12 PM. We are happy to make special arrangements to better suit your needs, but we MUST have this information at the time of booking. If you do not, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will try to accommodate you, although we cannot guarantee it.
  • We will contact you once, in shortly in advance of your departure, to re-confirm your booking.
  • If you do not have a *confirmed* booking, we will not hold dates or times for you.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, it is subject to cancellation policies.


  • We are flexible, compassionate human beings. We respect our clients and love their pets. In the past, our cancellation policy has been lenient … but this has negatively affected our business **and our beloved clients!**
  • We will continue consider every situation individually; never hesitate to speak with us regarding your circumstances! We can usually work with you!
  • Please extend us the same considerations that we extend you when we reserve our time for you (to the exclusion of every other client and our own families):
  • The first overnight, and first two drop-in cancellations MAY BE extended a courtesy skip.
  • The second, third and fourth overnight (and third, fourth and fifth drop-in) cancellations WILL BE SUBJECT to the following charges:
    – Less than one month notice (overnight), and less than 72 hours notice (drop-in): 50% of the projected job fee.
  • – Less than two weeks notice (overnight), and less than 24 hours notice (drop-in): 100% of the projected job fee.
    **Unless for a holiday, or a first time client – then the charge will be the full amount of the projected job fee.**

  • The fifth overnight, and sixth drop-in cancellations WILL BE SUBJECT to a fee of 100% of the projected job cost, regardless of the notice given. **In addition, we reserve the right to decline to service the client in the future.**