Hi! My name is Dorri, and I am a pet sitter!

I have been enjoying this career since 2009, and have worked with animals in many different capacities for my entire life. As a child, I grew up with cats (I actually wanted to be a vet, until I realized that you sometimes had to hurt animals in order to help them); as a teenager, I was a nanny for a family whose Bichon had litters of puppies; in my early twenties, I cared for and ultimately had to put down our own beloved family dog who was suffering from lung cancer; in my late twenties, I helped foster feral cats while living in Texas; and when I started my pet sitting business, I was the first person to attempt to walk a very sweet but headstrong rescue dog.

These experiences are invaluable, as are the years of experience that I have had pet sitting. Although I have not seen nor done nearly everything, I like to think that I have some knowledge. Fun facts: I am college educated (Summa cum Laude), used to work in corporate America (retail, customer service, finance … cube life!), and I enjoy being able to make animals and my clients happy! I guess it’s all about me, huh? 😉

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